Custom Fans

Northern Blower’s substantial reputation was built on its ability to design and adapt products specifically for the needs of customers with very particular requirements. From relatively common API 560 and API 673 specification conformance, to out-of-the-ordinary dual-fan unitary base design complete with fiberglass deck structure, Northern Blower has demonstrated the engineering ability to create unique fan solutions.

Typical Options

Special Materials

Aluminum, Corten, Stainless Steels, Ferralium, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy

Inlet Boxes

Aerodynamically designed for optimum performance as either a bolt-on or integral component.


Inlet, outlet, parallel blade, opposed blade, variable inlet vanes, and high-temperature designs set up for manual operation or supplied with electric or pneumatic actuators.


From clips for field placement through to fully clad factory-installed systems.

Unitary Base

Provides a common mounting platform for the fan and electric motor. The addition of isolatiors reduces transmitted vibration. Also available with floor pans and rebar cross members to support on-site concrete fill.


Available for temperature and vibration feedback, speed sensing, pressure measurement, and damper position indication.


Available with certain designs to provide added efficiency through static regain.


Belt guards, coupling guards, shaft guards, cooling wheel guards, inlet and outlet screens.

Cooling Wheels

Available in aluminum and brass for effective bearing cooling in high-temperature applications.

Shaft Seals

Available in many configurations from teflon to gas-purged.

Water Jets

For cleaning contaminants off the impeller in dirty applications.

Wear Liners

Blade liners and housing liners available in a wide variety of materials including chromium carbide, ceramic and rubber to provide abrasion resistance.

Special Coatings

Available in a complete range including air-dried enamels, epoxies, urethanes, baked phenolics and more.

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