Refinery Flare…

This? airfoil fan is designed to supply combustion?air for a smokeless flare at a refinery in Venezuela.? Fan is a 73″ double-width fan, driven by a 300 HP?natural-gas engine mounted on a common base.

Petrochemical Furnace…

Built to American Petroleum Institute standards, these fans power a furnace at a coal-to-liquid refinery in South Africa.? Fans are Arrangement 3 with independent bearing pedestals and soleplates.? The forced-draft fan is rated for 950 HP, while the induced-draft fan is rated for 1150 HP.

Solar Panel Manufacturing…

Deployed in an extremely corrosive atmosphere, Northern built 26 fans for a solar panel manufacturing plant in southern Europe.? Fan interior surfaces are coated with a PTFE barrier and special gasketing to resist the powerful acids present in the process.? Equipped with the CE mark, fans range from 15 to 150 HP.

Aluminum Smelter…

Northern supplied numerous ventilation and filtration fans for a large aluminum smelter in the UAE.? While the equipment is not complex, the strict specifications, highly customized coating requirements, and extensive documentation required made Northern the supplier of choice.

Nuclear Waste Treatment…

These ventilation fans exhaust air from two phases of a nuclear waste treatment plant.? Built in Arrangement 8 with 200 HP motors, the fans were built with gas-tight construction.? Fans are installed in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

Oil and Gas?

Produced in compliance with API Standard 560, this Northern Blower induced-draft fan is one of two, recently installed to efficiently convey over 300,000 cfm of flue gas at 450 F?. Fans are part of a hydrogen production process at a refinery in the mid-western United States.

Steel Production Pollution Control?

Pictured above are three Northern Blower Design 5730 double-inlet double-width high-efficiency airfoil fans installed on a dust collection system at a steel mill in the south-central United States. Driven by a 1900 horsepower motor, each fan is designed for a 250 F? operating temperature.

Plastics Manufacturing Plant?

Northern Blower ships its products around the globe.? This induced-draft fan is one of seven, each handling 160,000 CFM of flue gas.? Built to API Standard 560, the fans sit atop furnaces in a plastics production process in the Arabian Gulf region.

Fertilizer Plant?

Designed to withstand a corrosive environment using all 304 stainless steel airstream components, this Northern Blower Design 4370? high-efficiency backward-curved fan is installed at a fertilizer production facility located in western Canada.

Assembly Line Concept?

These radial-tipped fans are for use exhausting rotary dryers in an OSB (oriented strand board) in the southeast USA.? Rugged design allows for long life in this particulate-laden application.