Custom Fans for Industrial Applications

Northern Blower knows fans. We are committed to the manufacture of a rugged, long-lasting product delivered on time, every time.

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Northern Blower Inc.

Northern Blower Inc. has been delivering custom industrial fan solutions to customers worldwide since our founding in 1959. We strive to understand your fan application and are capable of designing and manufacturing your optimum fan. From specialized material, critical application small horsepower units to large induced draft fans for cement and power plants; whatever your project demands, we are prepared to deliver.

  • CWB Certified CS W47.1
  • AMCA Internation Member

Northern Blower is determined to provide the optimal solution for your air handling unit. We understand that our value is in the trust our customers have in our technical knowledge and continual support from bid stage to order to commissioning and service. To learn more about the fans we offer, please contact us or choose from the below options.

Centrifugal Fans

Northern Blower centrifugal fans are designed to perform for decades in challenging industrial processes. Whether your system is corrossive, errosive, high temperature, low temperature, high volume flow or high pressure, Northern Blower has thousands of available centrifugal fan design configurations to fit your industrial fan needs.

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Axial Fans

This is not your commercial ventilation fan. Northern Blower axial fans are designed to provide ventilation for industrial process applications and can be constructed from a variety of special materials making them particularly suitable for difficult environments.

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Northern Blower has installations globally in many different industries, climates and applications. If you can’t find your ventilation fan please contact us and one of our technical sales team will be happy to assist.

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Northern Blower manufactured a backward curved industrial forced draft fan for installation on a boiler for an oil refinery in Venezuela.


This Arrangement 7 fan is designed to be dual driven by electric motor and steam turbine. The fan and driver assembly is mounted to an integral base.

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Northern Blower technical sales people handle your job from estimate to shipment and will work with you to ensure specific job requirements are understood and met.

Industrial Ventlation

The fans on this project were manufactured to be gas tight for the ventilation exhaust from two phases of a nuclear waste treatment plant in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.


The airfoil wheels on these Arrangement 8 fans are highly efficient and well suited to the clean airstream in this application. All Northern Blower wheels are balanced to G2.5 at a minimum.

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Northern Blower is an industrial fan manufacturer. We have the design knowledge and experience to tailor our equipment meet your stringent application requirements.

Steel/Metal Processing

Three identical heavy duty airfoil fans were installed in a steel mill in Kentucky.


These fans were built as Arrangement 3 double-width with inlet boxes and independent pedestals. Each fan was designed to provide 318,000 CFM at 25 inches water column static pressure and is driven by a 1850 HP, 1200 RPM motor.

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Northern Blower is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has extensive experience coordinating specific quality reporting and project management requirements.

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